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We have partnered with Curate for this unique project. Curate is spearheading the concept of gasless minting of NFTs using a proprietary currency BUT in a system where buyers can, should they wish, transfer any of their purchases to their preferred blockchain including Ethereum and Solana and then transfer the NFTs to the wallet of their choice.

You can purchase any of our unique collectible NFTs via four easy steps.

1. Create an account with  Note that Curate is optimized for their mobile (android, ios) application (though will function via a desktop application as well).

2. Purchase XCur, Curate's proprietary token (you can transfer a crypto of your choice and convert or buy the currency using a credit card). Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes for transfers into Curate to show up and can take another 10 to15 minutes for the conversion from your transferred currency to XCur to finalize. You can do this at any time (even before July 18).

3. Search for the "Pankera" under the COLLECTION tab.

4. Bid on the collectible eBook copy of your choice via the Collection auction. All auctions will have a low minimum starting price and no reserves.

Once you have completed these steps, and if your bid is the highest in the Auction, you will own the collectible eBook. Below are detailed instructions on how to go through these steps. 

The process at Curate is fairly straight forward, but if you are new to this we have created a simple, step by step guide for you below.

In addition Curate has a number of tutorials as well. Click here for those tutorials.

HINT:  You can do this right now. No payment or credit card is needed, nor is any commitment required. You can delete your account at any time.
1. Go to www.Curate.Style (click here)

On the upper right corner, where it states 'Crypto Made Simple' select one of three methods for creating your account based on the device you are using. For the rest of this example we will be using a web based browser (Chrome on PC, but any browser should work). If you use an iPhone of Android device, you will go through similar steps but the screens will look slightly different.

For a web based browser click on WEB APP
Curate 1.jpg
2. On the new page that appears after you have clicked your selection above (Web App in this case)

Click on "Register"
Curate 2.jpg
3. On the next page fill out all the information required and then

Click on "Next"
Curate 3.jpg
4. When you click 'Next' (above) the system will auto-generate an email with a validation code. It may take a few minutes for your email service to receive this (not more than a few minutes). Each email system looks different, but the validation email from Curate will have a six-digit code.
Curate 5.jpg
On the Curate site you will see the following screen. Put in the code in round circles, one digit at a time. Then press Verify Email.
Curate 4.jpg
5. The next screen asks you to create a four digit pin. This is a very important number since you will be asked this to confirm many of the transactions.

You will type in the pin on the first line and then repeat it (to ensure that that is what you wanted) in the line below.

And then you will click "Complete Registeration"


Hint: Now is a great time to explore the site, check out the NFTs on offer. You can check your 'wallet' under account. This is where all your crypto assets, once you buy or transfer them, will be displayed.
XCur is the token or crypto 'currency' used on the Curate platform for all transactions. 

If you are already invested in crypto, please check your Wallet on Curate to see if your currency is supported for a transfer in. If you don't have any crypto currency and are unsure of how all this works, rest assured it is a very simple two-step process to buy XCur using your credit card (see below).

You can access  your wallet by clicking on the THREE BARS on top and then 'ACCOUNT followed by MY WALLET.  All the supported currencies are listed with their balances (which should be zero for all if this is a new account).

IMPORTANT: You will see a message asking you set up 2FA (which is an additional security layer for your protection. You can click out of that by clicking NOT NOW at the bottom right of that small pop-up screen. It is recommended that you set this up at some point for an additional layer of security (you can do it at any time).
Clicking on the currency will give you the option of either buying that currency (USDXC) or having that currency transferred to your Curate account (all other currencies).

For those buying XCur using a credit card you need to click on USDXC and then buy the required amount of USDXC using your Credit Card. Once you have bought USDXC you can then you can convert the USDXC To XCur (unfortunately you can not use your credit card to buy XCur directly).

Clicking on some of the other currencies, like Ethereum or Solana and then clicking the DEPOSIT button brings up the Curate Wallet address for that currency. Use that address with your current crypto holder to transfer the amount you desire.

At this point you will have one of many currencies supported by Curate, but NOT XCur. However, XCur is needed to actually buy or bid on an NFT.

To convert your currently held currency (USDXC if bought with a credit card) or any other (if transferred in), you will need to once again access the MENU by clicking the THREE LINE ICON at top of the screen, then BUY XCUR.
You are now ready be part of history and buy a copy of the world's first collectible eBook!
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